FBEX: Automatically generate fallback gif animations

Geschrieben am 24. Oktober 2018 · in Ads, Banner, Fallback, GIF, HTML5, Innovation, Software

For more than ten years I have been creating banner ads. Starting in Flash back in the days, now focusing on banners using HTML5. Every now and then I get to work on very large campaigns with sometimes hundreds of single ads, in several languages, formats and sizes. But there was no way to accelerate the workflow or even automate the process of creating the required fallback GIF files — until now!

Automation is key! This innovative tool takes manual processing out of the equasion regarding fallback animations.

It may well be that you have already come across the scenario: after a branch of HTML5 creatives has been released by your client, each banner needs a multi-frame fallback file in GIF format. Unfortunately, this step demands manual handling by a skilled designer, which is prone to errors and mistakes.

FBEX: Automatically generate fallback gif animations

FBEX to the rescue! Here is the tool to automatically create fallback animations with the following procedure:

  • the HTML5 creative (or even a whole set of subfolders) opens in a non-visible WebKit browser
  • the software reacts on certain marker events to take a screenshot for each frame
  • the frame’s delay is being calculated
  • finally an optimized file “fallback.gif” is generated and saved to the desired folder on the filesystem.

The creative’s structure or origin is not crucial here. It can be a canvas animation from Adobe Animate CC, GWD or a custom mix of HTML/CSS/JavaScript. The only step a banner animator or developer has to take is setting marker events, which is trivial and can be done in no time.

To comprehend the time savings: what took several minutes before, with FBEX can now be achieved in just as long, as each creative’s total playing time runs (which is usually under 30 seconds).

Some features of the current version:

  • Automatic detection of ad size (width/height)
  • Strong graphic optimization based on DSSIM methods (Structural Dissimilarity)
  • Alternatively output uncompressed PNG sequences for further processing
  • Interweave with your local batch processes via command line
  • Runs under Windows 7/10.

If you are planning to make your fallback creation more efficient and robust with FBEX, I am looking forward to hearing from you. Please get in touch for further questions and license requests.

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